My name is Japan. The name literally translates to “The Land of The Rising Sun” and whenever the sun rises, the buds transform into flowers, the colorful and vibrant representation of beauty. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be like the rising sun, and so I became a florist and flowers became my passion, that’s why I’ve been working in this field with enthusiasm and dedication for 20 years.

I came into the world of flowers when I was just 10 years old, working in my family business back in Thailand. It was the time; I realized that I had completely fallen in love with flowers. I enjoyed working with them so much that they became a passion for me. After all, flowers represent each and every emotion in life; love, care, friendship, happiness, sorrow et cetera. The priceless feeling of putting smiles and happiness in the lives of people, whenever they receive flowers, bouquets, wreaths or other works from me is something that I never want to let go of.

Why do we buy flowers? To give them to people who hold a special place in our heart, on occasions that are special to us, and I understand that whenever these two things are special, flowers should be special too, as a gift. I know that there is no room for error and for that very reason; I make sure that whatever I make and create, is perfect regarding beauty and quality.

There are a few things that I do which you won’t find in the shops of other florists around town, like the chocolate bouquet and real to touch faux flowers.

So if you’ve got a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion coming up or whenever you require the scent or sight of beautiful flowers with your special someone in mind, it is essential that you go to a florist who understands what you want and gives you that, because there is nothing impossible for me to do. Just tell me how you’d like your work done, and I will do it for you. I just want to make my customers happy so let me assure you that I am the complete "creative solution for all your floral needs."

With Love and Care