Frequently asked questions

Why is my chocolate bouquet is such a high price?

Please accept my sincere apologies if the price of my work upsetting you. I believe that my chocolate bouquet is decorated by the best luxury meterials, eg: sheer silk, organza fabric, satin, natural fibres and pure natural materials, silk fabric, exotic fabric, high quality of golden and silver materials, along with the luxury real feather. These are the finest materials that will make the chocolate bouquet stand out from any item that you've seen before. and also I believe that it'll surprise your special person as well. So it is worth every penny. In addition, one bouquet will take approximately one and half hours to be completed as I make it delicately with my heart and pay attention to every single detail, yours with passion..... Japan K

Do I have to present the chocolate bouquet in a bag?

No, This is not necessary. My chocolate bouquet is sturdy with a luxurious touch. Imagin how clumsy you may feel holding it inside a bag at the party! you can instead confidently hold the bouquet directly in your hands allowing you literally give in directly into the hands of that speial person as a surprise, and no doubt a well recieved gesture. However, I completely understand that people have different ways of delivering gifts so if you'd like me to arrange the chocolate bouquet in a bag then please let me know as I am more than willing to create this for you.

What difference between a Bouquet in Aqua-Pack and the Luxury and Modern Bouquet?

These two types of bouquet are used for different purposes. If you would like to give flowers to someone and want them to last up to two weeks, then the "Bouquet in Aqua-pack" is the best option because they will come perfectly fresh in buds therefore lasting up to two weeks. However, If you prefer the more traditional style of carrying a bouquet in to a partry then the "Luxury&Modern Bouquet" is the correct option for you. The flower are beautifully in bloom and luxuriously presented, instead of bouquet covered in green because all the flowers are still in buds.

When might a customer opt for the Faux Floral.

I tend to call the "real to touch" and "long lasting bloom" intead of artificial flowers as the name denotes, as they reallydo seem real. They are so realistic that even the bees are fooled! However, although they are not real, they do last forever. The special person you give these to can therefore enjoy the moment for years to come. Many people love to receive flowers, so to keep them forever, with no maintenance requirements or fuss is surely an added plus tp your gift.